Reggae Fundamentals 2

Relaxing Riddims

Into the sun, onto the island and down to the beach. If it‘s not real, let it happen in your head. Reggae Fundamentals 2 is the perfect soundtrack to chill as if you were in the Caribbean.

Whether classic or current roots reggae, synth-based dancehall or its forerunner rub-a-dub, fresh sounding modern reggae, Caribbean groove or effect-loaded dub - this library mirrors the broad versatility of the reggae genre.

Reggae, Dancehall
3.7 GB, 25 Construction Kits, 1159 Loops & Samples
99.00 €
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Loop Library for the free Ueberschall Elastik Player
VST2/3, AU, AAX and Standalone for macOS and Windows

Reggae Fundamentals 2

Reggae Fundamentals 2 is the continuation of our successful library that melts different handmade reggae styles. Whether classic or current roots reggae, synth-based dancehall or its forerunner rub-a-dub, fresh sounding modern reggae, Caribbean groove or effect-loaded dub - this library mirrors the broad versatility of the reggae genre. The grooves and riddims of Reggae Fundamentals 2 have been performed live by experienced musicians with that special relaxed Caribbean feeling. The library is characterized by beats on the spot, rolling bass lines, minimalistic guitar backings and embedded synth lines - combined in a clean, authentic production by Ueberschall. 


Reggae Fundamentals 2 offers a huge package of song ideas, consisting of 25 construction kits. Each kit offers up to six subfolders with a main theme and additional variations. It only takes a few actions to construct a first song layout. All instruments and drums of each part are available as optimized and premixed single tracks. This allows combining single elements with other construction kits of this and other libraries and to create your personal, preferred mix down.

The drumkits‘ components are also available as single tracks: Bass drum, snare, hi-hats, claps, cymbals as well as congas, bongos and other percussions.

The instruments used are electric and synthesized basses, electric guitars, organs, synthesizers, piano, electric piano, strings, brass, pad sounds as well as dub-specific effects.

Reggae Fundamentals 2 brings real Jamaican feeling to your tracks. Be it for classic song production, crossovers with pop or hip-hop, advertisement trailers with a beach atmosphere, jingles or flexible loop material for DJ-sets - these construction kits offer the simplest and best way to create convincing reggae tracks within your DAW.


Ueberschall‘s Elastik player allows for a fast, creative and targeted workflow. Music productions benefit from high quality time stretching and pitch shifting algorithms provided by zplane as well as from Elastik‘s clearly arranged library browser. Search across all loops of all installed libraries by attributes such as category, root note or original tempo. Using the Elastik player allows to transpose all instrument loops of a construction kit effortlessly, change their tempo and use them in any other kit. Likewise, all drum tracks can be swapped and combined across all construction kits.

With functions such as formant, resample, reverse and a multimode filter, the Elastik player also offers creative functions that can be controlled from your sequencer and change the sound of any loop completely.


Responsible producers for Ueberschall‘s Reggae Fundamentals 2 are Benjamin Kastner and Marc Steinmeier. This team has produced and remixed for widely known artists such as Gentlemen, Far East Band, Christina Aguilera and Eminem.


Peter Jordan – Guitar (Paul Reed Smith Electric Guitars, Lakewood Acoustic Guitars, Engl Amplification, Kemper Profiling Amplifier, Lehle Pedals, D‘Addario Strings), Benjamin Kastner & Hakan Türközü – Keyboards, Felix Wolter – Drums and Percussions

Genres: Reggae, Dancehall, Dub

Elastik Soundbank for Mac & Win - AU/VST/AAX/RTAS/Standalone

3.7GB, 25 Construction Kits, 1159 Reggae Loops and Samples

Mixes: 63
Backing: 63
Drum Loop: 63
Break: 2
Acoustic Bassdrum: 37
Electronic Bassdrum: 17
Snare Acoustic: 48
Snare Electronic: 10
Snare Roll: 3
Rimshot: 19
Claps: 7
HiHat: 56
HiHat Closed: 14
HiHat Open: 2
Tom: 39
Crash Cymbal: 41
Overhead: 3
Room: 2
Electronic Percussion: 16
Percussion: 11
Shaker: 9
Conga: 3
Bongo: 6
Tamborin: 21
Timpani: 9
Electric Bass: 17
Acoustic Bass: 1
Synth Bass: 20
Sub Bass: 13
Electric Guitar: 231
Acoustic Piano: 48
Electric Piano: 32
Organ: 35
Clavinet: 2
Synthesizer: 41
Pad Sounds: 9
Instrumental Mix: 5
Strings: 3
Brass Hits: 6
Saxophone: 1
Vocals: 2
Electronic FX: 129
Thanks to its clear structure the Elastik player is the ideal tool for fast and modern music production using loops. Each loop contains information on tempo and key, so you can quickly find the right sample for your production. The „élastique pro“-algorithm by zplane offers time stretching and pitch shifting in high quality, while the ReTune algorithm lets you change the key and scale of any tonal loop. Endless possibilities to adjust sounds to your own projects.


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