Neo Soul

Classic Neo Soul Feel With A Modern Twist

Neo Soul delivers the smooth, down-tempo, grooves and beats that cross-over between soul and R&B but adds a contemporary feel with some subtle electronic elements that, if desired, can deliver a modern take on the genre. Drum and percussion elements are inspired by the classics while newer sound elements are drawn from hiphop and jazz sources.

Soul, Jazz
3.5 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 656 Loops & Samples
99.00 €
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Loop Library for the free Ueberschall Elastik Player
VST2/3, AU, AAX and Standalone for macOS and Windows

Convenient And Flexible Construction Kit Format

With 3.5 GB of sample content, the 650+ loops and samples are organized into 10 full construction kits. Original tempos range from 60 to 82 BPM but, thanks to the powerful Elastik audio engine, you can tempo-match the sample content to exactly fit your project. The loops have a length of 8 bars and up to 32 seconds.

Each construction kit contains three distinct musical parts as well as a collection of single sounds for additional flexibility and customization. Pre-mixed stereo drum loops are included alongside individual loops for kick, snare, hats, ride and other kit elements allowing you complete control over the mix of the groove.

Musical elements include both electronic and acoustic drums and percussion as well as drum FX. Synth bass, acoustic bass, electric bass, various synths, pads, organs, processed guitars, electric pianos, Rhodes piano, sound effects and vinyl sounds are included amongst the instruments used. The vibe is always cool and sophisticated.

Soulful Grooves And Beats

For singer/songwriters looking for top-quality, super-smooth, musical beds upon which to layer their own vocals or other musical elements, Neo Soul is right on the money. The library is also ideal for media composers looking for some smooth grooves for their latest musical cue in an instant.


Produced by J.Holo

Genre: Soul

Elastik Soundbank for Mac & Win - AU/VST/AAX/StandAlone

3.5 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 656 Soul Loops & Samples

Mixes: 30
Backings: 30
Drum Loops: 30
Drum Fills: 4
Acoustic Bassdrum: 29
Electronic Bassdrum: 31
Acoustic Snare: 42
Electronic Snare: 41
Rimshots: 7
Snap: 1
HiHats: 60
Rides: 5
Cymbals: 16
Overheads: 6
Rooms: 3
Drum SFX: 26
Shaker: 84
Electric Bass: 15
Acoustic Bass: 3
Synth Bass: 12
Sub Bass: 2
Electric Guitar: 10
Guitar Effects: 6
Electric Piano: 10
Rhodes: 23
Organ: 4
Synthesizer: 39
Lead Synth: 29
Pads: 24
Flugelhorn: 2
Trumpet: 4
Electronic FX: 4
Crackles: 22
Zaps: 2
While Elastik is a hugely creative tool, it also provides an extremely efficient workflow. The streamlined browser means that no matter how large your Elastik loop library becomes, you can always find just the right loop in an efficient fashion. Elastik also includes advanced features such as tagging and filtering, making it easy to narrow down any search. The browser allows you to easily audition loops in BPM, key and scale sync with your project. And if you want to add new loop libraries from the Ueberschall range, the authorization process is fast and secure.


As already said, the library is of high quailty and sounds really great.


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Soul Club Vol. 1
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Rare Grooves Vol 4
Rare Grooves Vol 4
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Soul Bundle
Soul Bundle
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Jazz Up
Jazz Up
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