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Here you can download the latest version of our loop and sample player Elastik and the Ueberschall Downloader as well as manuals, tutorials and a free demo soundbank.

Elastik is available for:
macOS: 64 bit, VST 2/3, Audio Units, AAX, Stand-Alone
Win: 32/64 bit, VST 2/3, AAX, Stand-Alone

The Ueberschall Downloader is available as a Stand-Alone for macOS (64bit) and Windows (32/64bit).

Download free Elastik Player
Download free Elastik Soundbank
Elastik Player Version 3.6 and

Ueberschall Downloader Version 1.0
Free Elastik Soundbank 2018
1.5 GB, 570 loops and phrases
from 60 different libraries.

Elastik 3

Elastik 3 is the most powerful sample player that we have ever created. It provides a complete toolkit for modern music producers working with audio loops. Loops can be an essential part of many musicians creative process and, with Elastik, you get a fast, efficient and flexible set of tools.

With its intuitive Loopeye editing environment, the high-quality pitch, key, scale and tempo manipulation algorithms and the huge collection of Elastik-ready sample libraries spanning almost every conceivable musical genre, Elastik is a powerful workstation for loop-based music creation. It can be used either as a stand-alone application or as plugin within almost any DAW on both Windows and macOS platforms.

The Elastik-Engine

The new ReTune tab in the Loopeye editor gives you complete control over the scale and key of any tonal loop and can even work with polyphonic material.

The ReTune algorithm, developed by zplane.development, analyzes polyphonic and monophonic sound material in realtime and transform it to the desired key and scale while retaining high audio quality. Enter custom scales via the matrix or chose from preset scales to adjust any loop to your project. ReTune can also be used as a creative tool for sounddesign with parameters like sensitivity, transients, smoothing and pitch correction as well as a Dry / Wet control. 

If you want complete control over the time and pitch stretching process, the Time tab within the Loopeye editor allows you to choose between six different algorithms, from the simple and super efficient PitchSpeed to the high quality ProV3 which gives you the maximum scope for varying pitch and tempo while minimizing audio artifacts. This tab also includes new stretching FX for additional creative options. The engine is also very efficient and CPU-friendly.

In addition to the pitch and tempo manipulation, Elastik’s central Loopeye forms a detailed loop-editing tool. A large number of parameters can be adjusted, including slice-based pitch-shifting, volume and pan, reverse, formant, filter and resample. Elastik even includes a random sound replacement function called INSPIRE: one click on the Inspire button and Elastik will select an alternative loop, providing just that bit of additional inspiration when you need it. All this can be done on the fly and without leaving the Elastik environment. You can define which soundbanks will be used in the Inspire tool with the new Inspire browser.

Creative Tool

While Elastik is a hugely creative tool, it also provides an extremely efficient workflow. The streamlined browser means that no matter how large your Elastik loop library becomes, you can always find just the right loop in an efficient fashion. Elastik also includes advanced features such as tagging and filtering, making it easy to narrow down any search. The browser allows you to easily audition loops in BPM, key and scale sync with your project. And if you want to add new loop libraries from the Ueberschall range, the authorization process is fast and secure.

Once you have identified loops to use within your project, they can be mapped to Elastik’s virtual keyboard or pads ready to be triggered from within Elastik, via your MIDI keyboard or from your host sequencer. A range of different triggering methods are available so you can ensure that your loops stay locked in sync with your project. Elastik’s sophisticated time, pitch, key and scale shifting algorithms – featuring zplane’s cutting edge audio processing technology - maximize audio quality and you have independent control over all parameters and maximum flexibility when it comes to matching loops to the tempo and key of any project.

Elastik key features

+ innovative Loopeye functions
+ Retune: polyphonic scale and key shifting
+ timestretch and pitchshift in best quality
+ fast browser features (multiple filter search, tagging)
+ prelisten in BPM, key and scale sync
+ sequence mode (loads of editing features per slice)
+ random sound replacement via Inspire
+ parameter automation
+ realtime sync to host
+ multiple outs
+ bounce of original and modified loops
+ resizable window format
+ multiple soundbank management

Ueberschall’s Elastik player and Elastik loop libraries; an essential and extremely flexible combination in the studio for the creation of professional music productions.

macOS: recommended 10.12 or higher
Windows: recommended Windows 8 or higher

Ueberschall Downloader

The Ueberschall Downloader is your one-stop solution for soundbank management. Register, download, import and activate your Elastik soundbanks quick and easy with this standalone app, available both for macOS and Windows. Download huge amounts of loops with a few clicks and then activate them in the Elastik player with just one button. Simple to use but efficient, the Ueberschall Downloader is the perfect partner for Elastik and will help you get the most out of your loop collection!

Ueberschall Downloader key features

+ easy to use with a streamlined user interface
+ download any number of loop libraries to a defined folder
+ pause or resume downloads at anytime
+ automatic decompression of downloaded archives
+ import and activate your soundbanks for use in Elastik
+ register new serials to your Ueberschall account
+ remove soundbanks from your computer
+ ideal app for our Bundles and Complete Bundles

macOS: recommended 10.12 or higher
Windows: recommended Windows 8 or higher
Internet connection

Elastik and the Ueberschall Downloader are developed in cooperation with zplane.

Free Elastik Soundbank 2018

1.5 GB, 570 Loops & Phrases from 60 Ueberschall products.
80s RnB, 80s Synthwave, Ambient Noises, Balkan Lines, Beyond Tech House, Bollywood Pop, Chart Hits, Chill House, Chill Step, Chillout Lounge, Chillout Zone, Club Electro, Crunkzilla, Cumbia Digital, Dancehall Madness 2, Deep House, Disco Tape, Drum & Bass V1, Dubstep, Dubstep Destruction, Dubtechno, Electro House 2, Electro ID, Finest RnB, Glam Rock, Glitch Art, HipHop Underground, Indie Rock, Jazz Colors, Jazz Lounge, Late Night Session, Metal, Minimal Techno, Neo Soul, Neurofunk, Nightshift, Nouvelle Discotheque, Oriental RnB, Planet Trance, Pop Up, Punk Rock, Rare Grooves Vol. 1, Reggae Fundamentals, Retro Action Score, Soulful Pop, Sounds Of Berlin, Soundscapes, Supreme Styles, Synth Phunk, Synth Pop, Synthetic Soundtracks 1, Tech House, Techno ID, Thrash Metal, Trance ID, Trap, Twang, Uplifting Trance, Urbanic 2, Wild Chases


Elastik for macOS (64 bit) & Win (32/64 bit), VST 2/3, Audio Units, AAX and Standalone
Ueberschall Downloader Standalone for macOS (64 bit) & Win (32/64 bit)
Elastik Reviews
Despite the powerful beats, the kits have a pleasantly relaxing effect and are perfect for downbeats.
Beat 2023-01-01
You might need to add your own John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson or Muddy Waters‑style vocals but, for everything else, Delta Blues is a great place to start. Rating: 5/5
Sound On Sound 2022-09-01
Especially the acoustic instrument loops are well-made. Rating 5.5/6
Beat 2022-05-01
A must for glitch fans! Rating 5/6
Beat 2022-01-01
For atmospheric Soul / Jazz or Downtempo clubs and lounges (...) Noise Floor is just right.
Beat 2021-12-01
Electric Disco delivers a solid base of sound elements to bring authentic retro feeling back into clubs and house music. Rating: 5/6
Beat 2021-09-01
LoFi Lounge is a good fit for Downbeat oriented producers looking for ready-to-use, urban and jazzy Lounge sounds with LoFi elements. Rating: 5/6
Beat 2021-07-01
Friends of modern hybrid sounds and atmospheric textures will get their money's worth.
Beat 2020-03-01
The sounds are of first-class quality and prove to be a good basic source for your own compositions.
Keys 2019-05-01
The sounds are of first-class quality and prove to be a good basic source for your own compositions.
Keys 2019-05-01
The sounds are of first-class quality and prove to be a good basic source for your own compositions.
Keys 2019-05-01
The quality is consistently high (...). As loop-based libraries go, this is top-notch stuff (…).
Sound on Sound 2019-03-01
The quality is consistently high (...). As loop-based libraries go, this is top-notch stuff (…).
Sound on Sound 2019-03-01
The quality is consistently high (...). As loop-based libraries go, this is top-notch stuff (…).
Sound on Sound 2019-03-01
Elastik 3 is an easy to use sample player which always focuses on the most important thing: creativity.
Keys 2018-05-01
Warm analog pads, fat, round synth basses, and creamy lead sounds, coupled with the typical somewhat robotic character of drum machines of the time, make it clear where the journey is headed.
Keys 2018-05-01
Rare Grooves is a creativity package that is open for song and sound experiments of any kind.
releasetime.de 2017-06-12
Blues Colors is without question one of the top libraries by Ueberschall.
releasetime.de 2017-01-09
As already said, the library is of high quailty and sounds really great.
Keyboards 2017-01-08
The playing is suitably tasteful and very well recorded and presented.
Sound on Sound 2017-01-01
Both libraries perfectly pinpoint the current club sound.
releasetime.de 2016-09-01
These sounds are just straight up feedback and distortion.
This Thing Rules 2016-03-15
Concert Flute sounds like an excellent player is right there in the room with you.
Sound on Sound 2016-03-01
Classy playing, classy sound; listen out for them in a movie soundtrack near you.
Sound on Sound 2015-07-01
Classy playing, classy sound; listen out for them in a movie soundtrack near you.
Sound on Sound 2015-07-01
Good sounding loops and very easy to handle – Arrangements can be built in minutes.
Noizefield 2015-06-30
(...) Indie Rock 3 is top-notch stuff. 5/5 Stars.
Sound on Sound 2015-05-01
Whether you want a single guitar for a simple arrangement, or a rich bed of acoustic sounds for something more full-on, the library lets you build it easily and the sounds themselves are really very good.
Sound on Sound 2015-02-01
These loops feel like authentic performances and, in particular, the drum and percussion parts feel very real.
Sound on Sound 2014-10-01
These loops feel like authentic performances and, in particular, the drum and percussion parts feel very real.
Sound on Sound 2014-10-01
Upright Bass is well recorded, well played and represents a decent bang for your buck if you want a slice of genuine upright bass to build your next tune around.
Sound on Sound 2014-08-01
The quality of the recording is very good and this is matched by the quality of the playing.
Sound on Sound 2014-05-01
Action Cuts is very much up to date and the material here would work brilliantly in stylish action scenes or montages.
Sound on Sound 2014-02-01
"Chillout Zone (…) simply delivers good grooves for producers."
Keys 2013-12-01
Rock Classics is a great source of inspiration to start your own slice of classic '70s/'80s rock.
Sound on Sound 2013-11-01
These samples will give speaker cones a good flap! 5/5 Stars
Sound on Sound 2013-10-01
If you like your rock with a slightly left-field edge, Grunge has plenty to inspire you. 4/5 Stars
Sound on Sound 2013-08-01
For those looking to build convincing indie-rock tunes in a flash, Indie Rock 2 is just the thing.
Sound on Sound 2013-06-01
Add your own top-notch vocal hooks and these tracks are ready to roll. Chart Hits sounds great.
Sound on Sound 2013-04-02
Nevertheless, if you need some thrash in your sample-library arsenal, this delivers full force.
Sound on Sound 2013-03-01
Chart Hits is a clear recommendation for productions in the style of Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Ke$ha.
Beat 2013-02-01
Twang represents good value for money.
Sound on Sound 2012-12-01
True to the genre, the recording quality and the musicianship on display are absolutely first class. Country Loops is top-notch. Yee-hah!
Sound on Sound 2012-11-01
Everything sounds inspired, upmarket and ready for production (...).
Bonedo.de 2012-08-01
The material appears to be throughout inspirational and of high quality.
Bonedo.de 2012-08-01
I can advise this product all newcomers and professionals who want or have to achieve good results without diversion. 4/5
Bonedo.de 2012-08-01
Ueberschalls Urbanic Producer Pack 1 is a sample library which impresses with its high sound quality. 4.5/5
Bonedo.de 2012-08-01
That said, Jazz Colors does contain some pretty cool backing tracks, so if you fancy something to blow over, this may well be your thing. 4/5 Stars
Sound on Sound 2012-04-02
All in all, Urban Ballads does the job pretty well, offering a variety of solutions to composers who are unsure about which sound combinations work.
Sound on Sound 2012-04-02
It fits perfectly for styles like Schranz, Techno, Hardstyle and Trance and comes with the multifunctional Elastik player for Windows and Mac.
Beat 2012-03-01
A fruitful source of ideas for the pop hits of tomorrow!
Beat 2012-03-01
Indie Rock is top notch 5 Stars
01/2012 Soundonsound 2012-01-01
Those who do not want to program the famous wobble basses themselves or do not have the needed know-how will find plenty of material to give their tracks a contemporary sounding foundation.
Sound & Recording 2011-12-01
This is a shure shot for all fans of this style.
Beat 2011-10-01
Seamless mix and match. Brilliant inspire feature can generate new combinations of loops. Elastik host is playable and encourages improvisation.
Electronic Musician 2011-10-01
Ultimately, Nightshift should appeal to composers in need of slickly polished grooves and licks for their own chilled productions. 4/5 Stars
Sound on Sound 2011-10-01
It’s true that the content (...) perfectly matches the title of the sound library, but it also sounds great!
Sound On Sound 2011-09-01
Ambient Lines would be just the ticket if that is your musical field.
Sound On Sound 2011-09-01
These loops are perfect to touch up your song with a little bit zeitgeist or to quickly try some ideas before getting the hard work done to invent the genre completely new.
amazona.de 2011-09-01
The 3.2 GB library catches the fascination of the genre in a very inspirational way.
Beat 2011-09-01
Deep House remains an impressive production, which I suspect will prove itself invaluable to anyone tackling the genre but struggling to master their sounds and grooves. 5/5 Stars
Sound on Sound 2011-09-01
The sounds and playing quality are top notch, (…) the material is generally very tasty and rarely bland. 4/5 Stars
Sound on Sound 2011-05-01
Overall, Supreme Styles is yet another well?made selection of urban construction kits (...). 4/5 Stars"
Sound on Sound 2011-05-01
In particular, if songlayouts or movie and advertising music have to be made in a short time, this inspiring collection is recommended.
Beat 2011-03-01
This is definitely a specialized library—but Glam Rock accomplishes what it sets out to do, and then some.
Electronic Musician 2011-02-18
Yes, so you can make great score music with this product. But only if you can cope mentally with the sound ...
Sound & Recording 2011-02-01
Tricky grooves can even often times make you bounce your feet, but rather in the lounge area of the club. (...) It sounds terrific, anyway.
Sound & Recording 2011-02-01
This product provides a colorful composition that delivers a great basis for your own mixdowns.
Sound & Recording 2011-02-01
I suspect media composers and those working on sound design for games will find plenty of useful ammunition here. 4/5
Sound on Sound 2011-01-01
The samples seem sufficiently inspiring and fit well into existing arrangements or even carry them with an authentic groove.
Sound & Recording 2010-12-01
There is not a big line of alternatives that come close to this product. Not at last this is a reason why I give this a library a „very good +“. And at the end the price is totally fair for this product.
Amazona.de 2010-12-01
The high quality and powerful sound of the stylish sample collection also deserves great praise. Rating: 6/6 (Beat editorial staff's choice)
Beat 2010-11-01
Ueberschall has managed to create something like a collection of snapshots in order to use typical jazz elements in productions.
Sound & Recording 2010-11-01
For musicians who compose music for trailers or who wish to add the necessary power of persuasion to a commercial, Score Elements is an ideal treasure trove.
Sound & Recording 2010-10-01
The quality of the sounds is throughout the whole library very high and should please even the most dicerning
Amazona.de 2010-09-02
Like the original release, Score FX II packs in a lot of content. The material is excellent and (…) there is plenty here to interest media composers looking for some fresh inspiration.
Sound On Sound 2010-09-01
The offered material is maginative, produced in good quality and suitable for all kinds of interludes.
Amazona.de 2010-08-08
For sound twiddlers this library is a wonderful box of gems.
Keys.de 2010-07-01
Because of the first class sound and the comprehensive ways to edit the material this library is a definite recommendation!
Beat 2010-06-01
Finest R & B convinces with its tasteful construction kits and stylish sound.
Keys 2010-06-01
Who is looking for a fast and good or very good way to reach his goal can not go wrong with investing 149,- euro for Score FX 2.
amazona.de 2010-05-01
With a lot of love for details Marc Steinmeier produced 24 diversified themes that convince through good ideas and a good quality in sounds.
amazona.de 2010-04-22
The sound of this loop library is very high quality.
Apfelwahn.de 2010-04-20
The library was made for the original berlin club-sound. Thanks to the Elastik-Engine it is flexible to use.
Apfelwahn.de 2010-04-01
It‘s definitely priced towards the higher end of the market, but Soundcapes prodivdes plenty of versatile tools for producers of a variety of genres.
Future Music 2010-04-01
this is a large, usable and well-written package that can instantly add an expensive- sounding finish to your score. If writing music for film and TV is what you do or want to do, this is well worth a look.
Music Tech Magazine 2010-04-01
What it does, it does very well, providing a style of sound montage that is currently very much in demand in certain types of media.
Sound On Sound 2010-03-01
The content is highly original for a sample library and incredibly versatile.
Future Music 2010-03-01
Virtually every sound in Score FX promises to give your tracks a distinctive edge.
Electronic Musician 2010-02-01
This library is from good quality through and through. Who is in need for construction kits in an urban style won‘t come pass this collection.
amazona.de 2009-12-01
The flexibility, and the sheer quantity of material provided, certainly means the Electrolines gives you a decent bang for your buck.
Sound On Sound 2009-12-01
Score FX 2 aims towards filmmusic composers and offers good construction kits and sounds that versatilely cover this style. You can easily suite tempo and scale to your project - and this is a real and strong advance of this library.
Recording.de 2009-12-01
Club Electro fits neatly into the growing range of electro-based titles in the Ueberschall range
Sound on Sound 2009-11-01
It‘s really easy to get up and running quickly with the easy to find samples.
iDJ 2009-11-01
The sound of the library is contemporary and impresses with synth sequences, varied guitar sounds and forceful bass loops.
Bonedo.de 2009-11-01
The second „Electro Producer Pack“ by Ueberschall convinces with its unbelievable present production
Beat 2009-09-01
There shouldn‘t be any other samplebased library out there which gives you the flexibility and authentic sound as Saxophone.
Musicians Life 2009-07-22
All in all The Resource is an extremly versatile enrichment for every audio library for a very good price.
Musicians Life 2009-07-22
And, as with all Ueberschall sample packs, the audio is very good quality.
iDJ 2009-07-01
Nothing for sophisticated musicians but friends of bad vintage sounds that scream for tweaking.
Sound & Recording 2009-07-01
Single drumsounds, a lot of drum-, bass-, and synth-loops as well as effects and vocoder-loops do all sound very electronic and run great within a complete mix. (...)
Sound & Recording 2009-07-01
Groove and aggression are very gangsta-like and the sawtooth-hooklines sound a little epic and „Yomanwhatareyoulookin‘at“??
Sound&Recording 2009-05-01
If you like this style you‘ll find the perfect tools at Ueberschall.
Sound&Recording 2009-05-01
If you like this style you‘ll find the perfect tools at Ueberschall.
Sound&Recording 2009-05-01
This new Elastik-player based sample collection boasts some of the phattest hip-hop and RnB sounds we’ve ever heard on a sample disc.
Computer Music 2009-05-01
Part two of the Electro Producer Pack is not a quick followup to the first one but a well-structured and enhanced sequel.
Music & PC 2009-05-01
All in all the Electro Producer Pack is very good for fast work but leaves more creative space as construcion kits usually do.
Keys 2009-04-02
This library is just right for fans of the hard electro style of today.
Keys 2009-04-01
Studio Works does not only convince with it‘s real played instruments and the jazz-funk-fusion but also with an extended construction kit concept that leaves enough room for your own creativty.
Music & PC 2009-04-01
A very handy, excellent categorized and flexible collection of drones, atmos and rhythms that suite perfect to atmospheric-electronic movie- and gamescores.
Sound & Recording 2009-01-01
The beats are solid and the synths are suitably crunchy.
Music Tech Magazine 2008-12-01
No other competitor produces so well produced construction kits within this genre. Even the melodies and beats are very versatile so that you can produce club hip hop as well as minimalistic RnB without any difficulties.
amazona.de 2008-12-01
The way to your own track is given within the single tracks of each Construction Kit. The samples sound fresh and can be placed in a mix without any problems.
Keys 2008-12-01
What’s in it? Construction kits, loops, and one-shot samples. Standout points Beds and atmospheres have an ultra-current, Hollywood sheen. Good separation of construction kit elements.
Keyboardmag 2008-12-01
A well-produced and authentic crunk sample set, but probably reserved for fans of the genre only. Rating: 7/10
Music Tech Magazine 2008-11-01
If you’re into crunk and similar forms of hip-hop, you’re sure to love some of the huge sounds packed on to this sound bank.
Computer Music 2008-11-01
If Trance is your kind of thing, you’ll find much here in this well-produced collection to whet your whistle as you dance until the small hours in a club in Ibiza.
Music Tech Magazine 2008-11-01
Either way, the 40 Elastik-format construction kits on this 2GB disc will have you sounding like Atlanta circa 2002 in no time at all (...).
Future Music 2008-11-01
(...)but the flexibility of the Elastik loop player, as a standalone or VST instrument means you can get an awful lot of tweak for your buck(...)
Future Music 2008-10-01
In a nutshell: One of the best releases this year.
Beat 2008-10-01
Who is moving within this genre and does not care about Elastik should take his chance to receive a great library plus a huge collection of good drum samples. The technical side of the sounds is superb!
Keys 2008-10-01
The sonic content is massive
Keyboard Player Magazine 2008-10-01
1,070 loops can add the little something that your tune has been lacking, or send you off into uncharted areas! Rating: 8/10
Future Music 2008-10-01
The sounds are always good quality and the included Elastik sampler is useful. Trance, electro, progres- sive or minimal, Trance ID2 has something for you.
iDJ Magazine 2008-10-01
Recommendable without a single doubt!
Amazona.de 2008-09-17
With this library (released early 2008) Ueberschall set the benchmark for every other sample library. Recommendable without a single doubt!
amazona.de 2008-09-01
For those who prefer working with loops this library pays! The library includes aggressive sounds as well as subtile electronic styles.
Sound & Recording 2008-08-08
There are some great sounds in this library that would work in a variety of contexts. Rating: 9/10
Computer Music 2008-07-25
Once you’ve got your head round the workings of the player this is a great tool.
Future Music 2008-07-01
The sound pumps through your speaker, always with the good feeling to hear something never heard before.
Beat 2008-07-01
All that counts is the outcome (...) and for that reason „Analog Attack“ gives you more than enough inspiration.
Keys 2008-07-01
From synthesizer and effect sounds, loops, cautious piano tones and emphatic vocal phrases emerge atmospheric composition of impressive extent.
Beat 2008-07-01
A virtual instrument with plenty of loop-manipulating tools and a versatile collection of sounds, make this much more than just a collection of samples.
iDJ 2008-06-01
You can‘t do anything wrong with this one if you are looking for such sounds.
Musician's Life 2008-06-01
Care for some Darbucka or Oud to spice up your rhythms? Then look no further!
365mag.com 2008-06-01
If you need to create a lot of material in a hurry, the easy-to-use Elastik player and the interchangeable nature of the loops make Minimal Techno a useful tool (...). Rating: 7/10
Computer Music 2008-06-01
Keys 2008-06-01
If you like this sound you‘ll find a huge amount of useable samples on Groove Shadow Elastik
Keys 2008-04-01
The technique and style behind this library is best choice and very close to the idols.
Music & PC 2008-03-01
Here, too applies: Not only interesting for techno fans, testing is worthwhile anyway.
Music & PC 2008-03-01
Just beautiful.
Sound & Recording 2008-02-01
Age does not protect from quality: Although the underlying CDs have aged already, you can still work with them perfectly.
Music & PC 2008-02-01
Well made and inexpensive compilation of nice and unusal analog sounds and loops which are made especially for dance productions.
Music & PC 2008-02-01
If you are using Construction Kits, take Ueberschall - they nearly always sound official!
Sound & Recording 2008-02-01
Groove Shadow Elastik is bigger, better, and lots more usable than its Audio CD forebear, and I don ́t hesitate to give it five stars - I'll certainly be using it to death!
Sound on Sound 2008-01-01
Extraordinary sounds, especially for those who are not familiar with the analog sound.
Music & PC 2008-01-01
(...) Second advantage is the excellent and great variety of sounds in Urbanic.
Musik & PC 2008-01-01
They know this music and deliver a highly usable slant whether they are tackling Rap or Reggae.
Producers Edge 2008-01-01
Each Groove is to be seen as an artwork on its own.
Sound&Recording 2007-09-01
Those who can‘t or who doesn‘t want to produce sounds like this on their own found their Mecca within this library. Nothing to argue about.
Sound&Recording 2007-09-01
If you need some genuinely cheesy '60s flower-power pop, 60s A GoGo pushes all the right buttons.
Sound On Sound 2007-07-01
If you want an instant electro construction kit where you can do a whole lot more than with simple static loops, consider making the stretch to get Elastik.
EQ Mag 2007-07-01
Who always wanted to hear how a professional trance song is built up in detail should take a look at Trance ID. The quality is outstanding.
Musicians Life 2007-07-01
It's good value, easy to use and a worthy investment if you need prefab dancehall sounds.
Computer Music 2007-06-01
Electro ID is absolutely ideal for quick and dirty soundtrack work.
Computer Music 2007-06-01
Groove Shadow Elastik feels as much at home for film and game composers as it should be for triggering live during performances or DJ sets.
Remix Magazine 2007-06-01
Those who are looking for new sounds should test this library at the audio dealer they trust.
Musicians Life 2007-06-01
Hardtechno vs. Schranz is a good library with an easy workflow.
Musicians Life 2007-06-01
From euphoric and high energy to chilled and floaty, Trance ID is exquisitely produced and a beautiful adventure through modern sound design.
Remix Magazine 2007-06-01
Ueberschall accomplished again an authentic sounding library that could be straight out of the professional disco production that this product is made for.
Sound&Recording 2007-04-01
the quality of the samples themselves is top-notch.
Computer Music 2007-04-01
Of course you could also play some chords with an usual sampler but you‘ll never achieve the sound experience given with this library.
Musicians Life 2007-04-01
Absolute nothing to criticize about this product.
Beat 2007-03-01
On it goes, experimenting is the slogan.
Beat 2007-03-01
And all the sympathc I have for the player is growing with the sounds of this production, that is Dancehall „at its best“.
Music & PC 2007-02-01
The title „German Underground“ may scare some of those who are more mainstream orientated but I still want to advise this library warmly to everybody - it has a huge bandwidth of use and is excellent produced.
Music & PC 2007-02-01
The variety is huge and is not only for fans of the genre but also for those looking for some oriental cream topping for their productions.
Sound & Recording 2007-02-01
This library quickly recalls the more innocent times of ’60s era surf and bubblegum pop.
Virtual Instruments 2006-07-01
The more than 140 kits are a never-ending source of inspiration, which moreover are extremely flexible due to its elastic engine.
Beat 2006-07-01
Blow my hat off! This Horn Section is (…) miles ahead of any mere mortal library. Funk- and soulproducers without their own horns should buy this one immediately.
PC & Musik 2006-06-01
The construction kits are plentiful and of high quality, and some even include vocals.
Computer Music 2006-06-01
Hip Hop Underground is a useful tool for the contemporary urban producer, especially because of the quality of the extra drum samples.
Sound on Sound 2006-06-01
This collection has a distinctly European synth pop flare, with a strong nod towards old school toasting as much as newer gangsta rap.
Virtual Instruments 2006-06-01
The quality of this library can be called excellent.
Beat 2006-06-01
The soundquality is very high and the single licks are diversified and inspiring.
Amazona.de 2006-06-01
The Resource is a good collection for a good price and gives a wide variation of loops to experiment with all night and day.
Keys 2006-06-01
The sounds themselves are a satisfying and convincing selection of 60s-style construction kits. They feature kitsch vocals, plump brass, jangly guitars, big organs and lilting flutes. A first class package.
Computer Music 2006-05-01
The loops in this edition cover both electric and acoustic guitar riffs in a variety of styles.
Computer Music 2006-03-01
I don‘t have to mention that Saxophone can not replace a real sax player but for those who do not have one at hand - this tool is the perfect choice.
Amazona.de 2006-02-01
Sure, [it] is a phrase collection, but it‘s one that offers a lot more flexibility than most.
Sound On Sound 2006-02-01
If sax and bass samples of the past have let you down, then you’ve got to give [it] a try.
audioMIDI 2005-12-01
The client called. They want something fun and clubby for their latest hair care product. Okay. But youre a roots-rock kinda person, so what to do? Id recommend grabbing Ueberschalls House Musique (...).
EQ Magazine 2003-12-01
Overall, Drum N Bass Fast Forward is a good-quality collection of construction kits and samples that will defiantly appeal to fans of the darker, more electronic style of drum & bass.
Sound on Sound 2003-11-01
(...) you can’t really ask for more in that funky, chunky disco style. 9 out of 10
Future Music 2003-10-01
All the material has been well recorded — the drums are generally powerful, the basses thunder and the majority of the guitars growl. 4/5 STARS
Sound on Sound 2003-09-01
There’s a distinct live feel about many of these recordings and some virtuoso performances. (...) 8 out of 10
Music Tech Magazine 2003-07-01
Keys 2003-02-01
Boogie nights (and days) can be yours with this excellent set of disco construction kits. (...) 8 out of 10
Future Music 2002-12-01
No more tedious sampling and denoising of vinylmaterial and still authentic sounds in the style of Chic, Bee Gees, Donna Summer and Abba.
Keys 2002-12-01
Yes, you guess right - I'm thrilled. And that is certainly not all to often.
PC & Musik 2002-06-01
However, what really stands out is the actual quality of the musicianship; the performances are top‑notch across the board.
Sound on Sound 0021-12-01
However, what really stands out is the actual quality of the musicianship; the performances are top‑notch across the board.
Sound on Sound 0021-12-01
However, what really stands out is the actual quality of the musicianship; the performances are top‑notch across the board.
Sound on Sound 0021-12-01