Rare Grooves Vol 4

The Classic Sound Of 70s Soul

Rare Grooves Vol. 4 is packed with super-soulful grooves. The five extended construction kits in this addition to the soul-inspired Rare Grooves series are infused with the classic sound of the early 1970s. The library features smooth soul drumbeats, infectious bass grooves, cool electric guitar lines and authentic organ and electric piano licks up to 43 seconds long. Everything was recorded with an authentic analog signal chain. Rare Grooves Vol. 4 is the classic sound of 70s soul.

Soul, 70s
3.1 GB, 5 Construction Kits, 563 Loops & Phrases
49.00 €
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Loop Library for the free Ueberschall Elastik Player
VST2/3, AU, AAX and Standalone for macOS and Windows

Vintage And Soulful

The library contains 3.1 GB of samples consisting of 563 loops across the five, well-stocked, construction kits. Each construction kit is organized into 5 sections with 3 main musical parts, complimented by dedicated intro and outro parts. Some loop parts are up to 43 seconds long, making extended song sections and plenty of variety easy to create from each of the kits. The original tempos range from 88 to 136 BPM and both tempo and key can easily be adjusted with Elastik's powerful tool set.

Authentic 70s Grooves

The instrument selection features electric guitars and basses accompanied by organs, and electric pianos. Both bass and guitar parts are supplied as DI and mic'ed (that classic tube amp in the room sound) versions for additional flexibility. Some vinyl noise loops are also included if you want to dial in some additional texture. Drums are provided as premixed loops as well as single tracks for bass drum (in and out), snare drum (top and bottom), hihat, ride, toms, overheads and room, making it easy to fully customize your drum mix. The drums are complemented by percussion loops featuring shakers, tambourines and bongos.

Soul But With A Hint Of Blue

Rare Grooves Vol. 4 is an ideal choice for songwriters, producers or media composers. Whether you want to add your own instrumental or vocal top-line to an original 70s inspired soulful blues project, or just to blend an authentic vintage vibe into a more contemporary production, Rare Groove Vol. 4 will deliver all the class with a minimum of fuss. A perfect complement to earlier releases in the Rare Grooves series. This is the sound of early 70s soul but with just the right shade of blue.


All Instruments - Kai Reuter
Production, Mix, Master - Uwe Kinast

Genre: 70s Soul

Elastik Soundbank for Mac & Win - AU/VST/AAX/StandAlone

3.1 GB, 5 Construction Kits, 563 Loops & Phrases

Mixes: 25
Backings: 25
Drum Loops: 25
Bassdrum In: 25
Bassdrum Out: 25
Snaredrum Top: 24
Snaredrum Bottom: 24
Hihat: 18
Ride: 11
Cymbals: 20
Toms: 22
Overheads: 25
Room: 25
Bongos: 25
Tambourines: 22
Shakers: 20
Electric Bass Amp: 25
Electric Bass DI: 25
Electric Guitar Amp: 46
Electric Guitar DI: 41
Guitar FX: 2
Organs: 25
Electric Piano: 33
Vinyl Noise: 5
In addition to the pitch and tempo manipulation, Elastik’s central Loopeye is a detailed loop-editing tool. A large number of parameters can be adjusted, including slice-based pitch-shifting, volume and pan, reverse, formant, filter and resample. Elastik even includes a random sound replacement function called INSPIRE: one click on the Inspire button and Elastik will select an alternative loop, providing just that bit of additional inspiration when you need it. All this can be done on the fly and without leaving the Elastik environment. You can define which soundbanks will be used in the Inspire tool with the new Inspire browser.


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