Rare Grooves Vol 2

The Sound Of 70s Funk & Soul

Rare Grooves Vol. 2 is a time machine in a sample library. It will take you back to the early 1970s, when soul beats blended with funk and rock guitars and when the analog recording process was an integral part of the sound. Expect grooves to die for, bass lines to keep you moving, and funky guitars full of wah. And all pushed through an analog signal chain to give the sound that genuine tape-saturated character. This is the vibe that filled samplers and found its way into countless hip-hop, breakbeat, RnB and dance tracks from the 1980s and onwards.

70s, Funk
3 GB, 5 Construction Kits, 704 Loops & Phrases
49.00 €
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Loop Library for the free Ueberschall Elastik Player
VST2/3, AU, AAX and Standalone for macOS and Windows

Comprehensive Construction Kits

The library contains 704 loops spread across five construction kits and a total of 3 GB. The instrument section features electric guitars and basses accompanied by organs, strings and electric pianos. Drums are provided as premixed loops as well as single tracks for bass drum (in and out), snare drum (top, bottom and trigger), hihat, cymbals, toms, overheads and room. Tempos across the five construction kits span the 104-110 BPM range, giving a somewhat more up-tempo feel. Each of the kits provides multiple main sections (4-6) as well as intro and outros parts. Each section also provides plenty of performance variation with some loops up to 16 bars or 36 seconds in length, making it easy to build full song-format arrangements.

Groove-Filled Beats

The recording process provides flexibility for the producer. DI'ed guitars and electric bass options are included for those that want to apply modern sound processing. However, the mic'ed and amped recordings capture the genuine analog sound of the 70s. With natural warmth and overdrive provided by tape saturation, overdriven amps and analog hardware pushed into its sonic sweet-spot, Rare Grooves Vol. 2 sounds like the real deal.

Saturated Soul

Rare Grooves Vol. 2 is full of funk and saturated with soul. It's ideal for media composers needing an authentic slice of 70s-flavoured groove to make that perfect cue. It's also brilliant for songwriters or producers wanting musical beds for a topline, or looking to add a vintage vibe to their modern soul, funk, hip-hop breakbeat or crossover projects. Rare Grooves Vol. 2 is a perfect complement to the original Rare Grooves Vol. 1 library and the perfect way to bring the sound of 70s soul and funk into your own musical creations.


Instruments played by Kai Reuter

Genre: 70s Funk & Soul

Elastik Soundbank for Mac & Win - AU/VST/AAX/StandAlone

3 GB, 5 Construction Kits, 704 Funk Loops & Phrases

Mixes: 33
Backings: 33
Drum Loops: 33
Bassdrum In: 33
Bassdrum Out: 33
Snare Top: 33
Snare Bot: 33
Snare Trigger: 33
Hihats: 31
Toms: 33
Ride: 1
Cymbals: 32
Overheads: 33
Rooms: 33
Electric Bass Amp: 33
Electric Bass DI: 33
Electric Guitar Amp: 72
Electric Guitar DI: 72
Organs: 21
Electric Pianos: 31
Clavinets: 5
Strings: 10
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