Club Electro
Sound On Sound, November 2009

As the name suggests, Club Electro takes a modern clubland sensibility and delivers it with a hint of ‘80s-influenced electro. The material is organised into 28 Construction Kits, each of which is based around a single musical idea. Within each kit a ‘demo‘ loop illustrates how the individual loops might be arranged, while the other loops contain the usual range of layers, featuring drums, bass, synths and the occasional vocal. Individual drum hits are also provided. The layers themselves are plentiful, so, within the limitation of each construction kit‘s basic musical pattern, there are plenty of possibilities for variation. The best way to think of these kits is as a single song section - and if you want further variation for something like a chorus / verse structure, you need to add some of your own elements, or find two construction kits that work together.
Club Electro is (...) well worth checking out, and fits neatly into the growing range of electro-based titles in the Ueberschall range.

John Walden