Urbanic Producer Pack
Keys, 10/2008

The Urbanic Producer Pack is devoted to Hip-Hop and RnB producers. The collection consists of almost 1000 single drum sounds and a huge amount of drum and instrumental loops.

Technically this library is based on the Elastik-Player. The samples are not availble as single files but come as elastik library. If this is a pro or a con is a up to the individual workflow. It is however possible to simply export the samples out of the player and use them in the DAW of your choice. The player offers an easy handling function to switch start and ending of a sample and to change the tempo and the pitch. (...)

The samples cover a wide spectrum of Hip Hop styles. The drumsamples take the biggest part. Here you‘ll find everything you need to build rough and dirty beats. Kicks ranging from dry and sub-deep to distorted reeverb kicks and a lot of knackling snares and crunchy claps. Here‘s everything that makes the producers heart jump up. (...)
The instrumental loops can easily be integrated. Single instrument sounds however are rare within the library it mainly comes with loops of a wide spreaded choice of instruments. (...) The Rhodes loops are convincing. As well as the choice of FX sounds that spices up every track. (...)

Who is moving within this genre and does not care about Elastik should take his chance to receive a great library plus a huge collection of good drum samples. The technical side of the sounds is superb!

translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall