Trance ID 2
keys, 12/2008

Ueberschall provides one more time new material for producer and djs of Trance music, Trance ID 2. While the first volume already met most of the expectations of this genre the second volume covers the latest styles such as Electro-, Tech- and Neo-Trance.

The library comes with two different folders: Construction Kits and single drums.
Each one of the 30 Kits comes with main, variation, intro and outro. All in all we have 60 Kit-variations that split up to maximum 18 single tracks each. There is a lot of genre-typical soundpotential within those 2 GB library. Plus the intuitive Elastik player allows you to manipulate each loop and suit it to your needs.


The sounds leave nothing to be desired. The diversity of the delivered material covers a wide spectrum of sounds that can even be manipulated in form of pitching and tempo change. Especially because of the high quality of sounds it‘a easy to place them in every mix.


The ryhthm section includes from deep and pumping kickdrums over displosive snares to fizzing hihats. It gives you a good chance to create the drum setup of your dreams.

The way to your own track is given within the single tracks of each Construction Kit. The samples sound fresh and can be placed in a mix without any problems.

TRANCElated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall