Trance ID
Musician‘s Life, Juli 2007

The package has a size of 3.2 GB separated into two files. The 40 kits include three sets each: intro/outro, main and variation (all in all 1000 loops.)
The intro consists of two loops, the main part has 17 and the variation round about 10. The loops are up to 16 bars long. That already can be used to create something.

Next to the Construction Kits there is also a folder called „Construction Singles“. This one includes single percussion sounds that can also be triggered by MIDI. (...)

The kits include a wide range of „Trance“. (...) All lines are perfectly produced. There were no crashes and each kit is a good entrance to the world of trance. Who always wanted to hear how a professional trance song is built up in detail should take a look at Trance ID. The quality is outstanding but doesn‘t leave much space for your own ideas. I was shocked as I saw how easy it is to produce a professional sounding trance song. And this can be done by everybody how owns Trance ID.

Trance ID
Trance ID
99.00 €
3 GB, 40 Kits, 1260 Loops & Samples