Trance ID
Sound and Recording, September 2007

The text promises me „the secret to my success“, listening to the samples I feel at least being a teenager again. 40 complex construction-kits with a lot of single lines and licks all around Trance, including Intros / Outros and single drum samples. Combined in the Elastik-Player everything is sounding very professional.
Although bent to the unflexible concept of a construction kit did some illustrious people come togehter and built some nice mini-arrangments. Punchy and groovy drumloops, the typical melodical hooklines and meandering basslines combine with some simple chord progressions.

Creative mindes will find a good inspiration in this library plus some very good drum samples for the fine tuning of tracks. Those who can‘t or who doesn‘t want to produce sounds like this on their own found their Mecca within this library. Nothing to argue about.

Translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall

Trance ID
Trance ID
99.00 €
3 GB, 40 Kits, 1260 Loops & Samples