Hardtechno vs. Schranz
Musician‘s Life, June 2007

The third one in this test is really heavy. With 1.5 gig library is the smallest of all three but comes with 40 construction kits and 800 loops. (...) the sounds remind of the typical Mayday-Sound of the 90s and make fun to work with, if you like this genre. No kit is wandering below the 140 BPM mark. The sound is, similar to Trance ID, very good. The kits deliever all the necessary single lines and so you can easily get a good idea for a new song. There are just a few tonal samples and thus it is easier to build up your own idea around the existing material.
Hardtechno vs. Schranz is a good library with an easy workflow.

Translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall

Hardtechno vs. Schranz
Hardtechno vs. Schranz
99.00 €
1.5 GB, 40 Kits, 1040 Loops & Samples