Musik & PC, January 2008

"(...) Second advantage is the excellent and great variety of sounds in Urbanic."

Behind Urbanic, the „Pure Taste Of Black Music“, are producers that worked together with Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera or Eminem. Stylistically seen this production aims at RnB and Hip Hop


Sounds: The library comes with two files split into 34 Construction Kits all around Hip-Hop and RnB. Each kit has an intro-, main-, outro- and sometimes a variation-part. With a complete mix and single lines each. They also include the single drum shots. All in all we have 1.280 loops and samples within 2.8 GB. Musical the kits are very well produced with a huge creativ input, this is truly the experience of the producers.


Conclusion: The very flexible Elastik-Engine is just as made for the work with Hip-Hop Construction Kits. Fast workflow, clear structure and a very easy way to change tempo and pitch of each kit to suit them to each other or any other project. A big advantage for the creative process in comparisson to other Sampling-CDs. At last Urbanic doesn‘t cost more as any other library while the competitors don‘t offer a sample player.