Urbanic, September 2008

"Recommendable without a single doubt!"

Right from the start you‘ll notice that Ueberschall keeps the promise of the “cutting edge“ sound. Everything sounds perfect and comes with an unbelievable power straight out of your speakers. the drums and the melodies are almost always up-to-date and could have been made by Scott Storch, Danjaheadz or Cool & Dre. Besides that they cover all the styles of modern urban music. From heavy and dark beats to club hits that revive every party. The whole package is delivered with Ueberschalls Elastik player that can be integrated as VST or Stand Alone in any sequencer and suites all the samp- les to your needs. Worth mentioning is also the easy way to combine the delivered material with each other. In this way even newcomer can‘t do any mistakes and will reach a good result with sound on the top level. With this library (released early 2008) Ueberschall set the benchmark for every other sample library.

Recommendable without a single doubt!

Autor: Philipp Cluse

99.00 €
2.8 GB, 34 Kits, 1280 Loops & Samples