Future Music, November 2008

Are Hip Hop fans still listening to Lil’ Jon-style crunk? YEAH!!! I’m pretty sure we’re all on hyphy now. WHAT?!!! That’s over too, apparently. OKAY!!! Now it’s all about  Lil’ Wayne’s futuristic snap or something. LET’S GO!!! Either way, the 40 Elastik-format construction kits on this 2GB disc will have you sounding like Atlanta circa 2002 in no time at all with their 808 kicks and claps, pimp cup-rattling basslines and skittering synths reminiscent of the sorrowful clatter of a platinum grill dropping from the slack jaw of a misogynistic rapper onto the tear-stained floor of an empty Georgia strip club. I think you’re getting the idea now.

Rating: 6/10
99.00 €
69.30 €
2 GB, 40 Kits, 940 Loops & Samples