Dancehall Madness
Sound & Recording, April 2007

Dancehall Madness with a jamaican taste, that's what is said on the cover and that's what is inside, made for the Elastik player (the one with the radar screen in the middle).
On this verbal level move all of the Kreol-English-Phrases that are included in the the 40 Construction Kits. Some were sung, some were rapped. Besides that there are always powerful, better say thundering Drum- and Percussion Grooves. All separated into different layers and mapped on your keyboard. In addition some juicy basslines, a few guitar-riffs and beautiful synthetic leads and arpeggios.
You shouldn't expect any Dance or Techno in here but electronic grooves with a specific jamaican feeling. Want to say: This is not Reggae, but extrem crunchy and groovy kits that leave a lot of space for your own text and / or sounds.
Moreover the Elastik player gives you all important tools to take away the inflexible touch of a construction kit.
Ueberschall accomplished again an authentic sounding library that could be straight out of the professional disco production that this product is made for. (...)
If you like or need Construction Kits: Listen to this!

Dancehall Madness
Dancehall Madness
99.00 €
69.30 €
1.5 GB, 40 Kits, 469 Loops & Samples