Dancehall Madness
Computer Music, June 2007

Dancehall Madness uses Ueberschall's Elastik engine - this can automatically timestretch and pitchshift samples to fit the key and tempo of your project.

As you might suspect, it's a full-on ragga library that comes complete with bumping beats, rudeboy vocals and plenty of appropriate instrumentation. The samples are all presented in construction kit format, and while it's annoying that you can't use the audio files outside of the player (in particular
the individual drum sounds - curse you, Ueberschall!), it's good value, easy to use and a worthy investment if you need prefab dancehall sounds.

Dancehall Madness
Dancehall Madness
99.00 €
69.30 €
1.5 GB, 40 Kits, 469 Loops & Samples