Music Tech Mag, 11/2008

As musical styles converge and mutate, there’s seemingly no name too daft for the latest hybrid of two genres. And so it is that we have ‘crunk’, a sort of hyper-produced love child of electro and hip hop but without, in this reviewer’s opinion, the redeeming qualities of either… If you need to know what it sounds like, sit down and watch The Fast and The Furious or something similar in which lots of big, tattooed guys in fast cars square off against one another in the California sunshine.

This is a 2GB sample set wrapped in the Elastik Player and features, according to the box, ‘genuine flavour and trends from actual crunk music’ (in case you were concerned that you were getting some sort of pseudo-crunk sounds, heaven forbid). The samples are well-produced and highly polished, consisting mainly of beats, synths, basses and effects. These are provided in mixes and as single drum kits, which you can mix and match.

This library comprises mostly double-time hi-hats, synthetic beats, stammering synth orchestra hits and staccato acid synth arpeggios. Devoid of the repeated, aggressive shouting that usually accompanies crunk tracks, t sounds almost musical in places, but ultimately it’s a heavy, insistent and blatantly unforgiving style tht you’ve probably heard blaring out of a mobile phone on the top deck of a bus – especially if you live in London.

There’s nothing wrong with this sample set at all. If you’re a crunk fan you will love it to bits as it is a perfect sample set for building tracks in this style. But if you’re not, it’s pretty hard to swallow.

A well-produced and authentic crunk sample set, but probably reserved for fans of the genre only.

Rating: 7/10