Crunkzilla, 12/2008

Since the extravagant american producer Lil Jon brought the singer Usher on top of the worldwide charts in 2004 (...) we can hardly imagine the Billboardcharts without Dirty South and its „Crunk-Style“.

The typical elements of Crunk are simple but good working synth-melodies with a heavy and punchy sound and modified 808-Drums that shake every dancefloor. Last but not least it‘s due to the individual sound of the genre that the producers gain such a high success.
Despite the appearently necessary individuality of the sound the german based sample producers „Ueberschall“ had the heart to release a sample DVD in summer 2008 that aims on enthusiasts of crunk music. In Hip Hop Ueberschall already set a new standard with „Urbanic Producer Pack“ but can they also do with Crunkzilla?

The answer is strict and simple: yes.

For almost 100 Euro the customer becomes almost two gigabyste samples that sound as if they were coming straight from the south of the USA. If you are listening to the latest HipHop Charts you‘ll recognize that Ueberschall hit the bull‘s-eye.
No other competitor produces so well produced construction kits within this genre. Even the melodies and beats are very versatile so that you can produce club hip hop as well as minimalistic RnB without any difficulties. Between the range of 67 to 145 BPM there should be something for everybody.
Especially the quality of the single sounds knows how to convince and can keep up with every professional production. Producer and friends of american HipHop can grab that thing - despite the relatively high price.

Philipp Cluse

Translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall

99.00 €
2 GB, 40 Kits, 940 Loops & Samples