Sound & Recording, February 2011

Soundscapes is for the Elastik Player what "Score FX 2 " is for the Liquid-instrument. According to the Player concept the library rather emphasizes rhythm. (...)
The present library provides, just like Score FX, numerous complete pieces of music. These are shorter here, but they are also emphatically electronic and groovy as well as always full of atmosphere. Much Glitter, an eerie epic breadth and a perfect production puts you in a good mood. Also suitable for film and game music, but also for rhythmic ambient, a nice intro or multimedia music, e.g. on websites. There is nothing sinister about this library, the sounds are imaginative and synthetic, but not too aggressive. Tricky grooves can even often times make you bounce your feet, but rather in the lounge area of the club. (...)
It sounds terrific, anyway.

translated by Andreas Reinsch/Ueberschall