Finest R&B

Keys, June 2010

After numerous Hiphop/Urban titles, Ueberschall now dedicates themselves to R & B with its own Elastik library. The library is composed of the proven construction kit form. The sixteen kits of this library were produced in an unusual detailed way. In addition to the main theme, the kits also contain two variations, intro and outro. For each kit, there are individual loops of all drums and instruments. Especially when it comes to pre-production, a trailer or demos for a singer, this comprehensive kit will quickly help you to achieve convincing results. (...)
The construction kits are located in the lower tempo range between 61 and 84 BPM. However, thanks to the Elastik Player they can easily be adjusted in tempo and pitch. What immediately strikes during the first hearing is the musical quality offered. Without much grandstanding the songs were recorded and premixed in a very accommodating manner. Although dominated by synthesizer sounds, guitar riffs and Rhodes licks are also not short in supply, which loosens up the sound pleasantly. Drums and Percussion are not overly intrusive, but were well embedded. (....)
Thus, the song kits disperse a pleasant musical atmosphere from the beginning, which is certainly beneficial when it comes to writing lyrics.
Finest R & B convinces with its tasteful construction kits and stylish sound.

translated by Andreas Reinsch/ueberschall