Soundscapes, 22-april-2010

The german loop factory Ueberschall offers a new Elastik library especially for scoring movies, audio-icons and advertisment. This DVD contains 24 construction kits and each kit keeps a professional produced loop with all its single lines. As loop-browser and editor Ueberschall offers the well-known Elastik Player. Thanks to the high-end timestretching- and pitchshifting-engine the plugin allows you to suite the material in pitch and tempo to your material. Maybe James Horner could have saved the 18 month production time for Avatar with this plugin???

The answer is a clear „yes and no!“. The produced moods and atmospheres can definetly be tagged as sophisticated and atmospheric - you can easily reach the mood you are looking for. Nice melodies, multi-layered pads, well-processed drumloops, many effects and even some vocal-licks guarantee that. But you shouldn‘t fail to believe that the material from one kit is enough to score an entire movie. The best way to reach your goal is to mix the Elastik-library with other software instruments that will allow you to use the given melody and create layers and variations.
By the way,
responsible for this production is Marc Steinmeier,
With a lot of love for details Marc Steinmeier produced 24 diversified themes that convince through good ideas and a good quality in sounds.

translated by wenzel mehnert / ueberschall

99.00 €
69.30 €
2.78 GB, 24 Kits, 809 Loops & Samples