Club Electro
Music Tech Magazine, December 2008

Ah, construction kits… How do we feel about them? For anyone who doesn’t already know, a construction kit sample pack essentially comprises several short and layered tracks that represent the individual components a user needs to build up their own productions. While this is an excellent way for budding producers to glean an insight into how a track is put together, it is also a much less creative way of working, as the imported material is often several bars long and requires a lot of tweaking to transform it into your own. That’s not to say it can’t be done, of course, but it requires rather more time and patience.

So, then, to Club Electro, which is the latest sample pack from Ueberschall. It features 28 construction kits of tight-sounding electronic loops. Each kit has approximately 20 loops covering basses, synths, pads, FX, beats and single drum hits. The synths on offer are a contemporary mix of cutting-edge new and classic analogue models, such as the Alesis Andromeda, Moog Voyager, Prophet 5 and Oberheim Xpander, to name but a few. The overall quality is excellent, although occasionally dipping into synth demo-song territory. Some of the tracks sound a little cluttered when all the mix elements are present, but this is not really a problem because the parts are designed to be used individually. The beats are solid and the synths are suitably crunchy, although a little further production polish may be needed to really help them stand out in the mix.

We won’t go in to the pros and cons of Ueberschall’s Elastik Player here, but we will mention that the copy protection system the company has employed puts many a soft synth to shame.

Verdict: A high-quality samples collection that’s arguably let down by the format in which it’s delivered.

Rating: 7/10
Club Électro
Club Électro
99.00 €
69.30 €
935 MB, 28 Kits, 567 Loops & Samples