Electro Producer Pack 2

Music & PC, 05-2009

Basics: 6 months after the release of the first part comes the followup for electro producers. That means they had enough material already or it was that successful that they brought the musicians back from their holiday island and chained them to their mixing tools again. Then - in 03/09 - I wrote ”all in all it is a great playground for minimalstic electro producer that allows to create great constructions.“ Nothing has changed about that - part 2 is even better.


Sounds: As in the last part the material is not seperated in construction kits but in categories such as drum loops and drum sounds, SFX loops and SFX sounds, synth loops and synth sounds and vocals. That makes round about 3300 sounds, half of it is for drums and percussion. The big number of drum loops have a lot of variations, are very powerful produced and almost always in 130 bpm. With the wide range of single shots you can modify the loops even more. Very nice as always - the SFX: Beautiful and strange, processed with a lot of effects and far away from the usual „tchaka-tchaka“ sounds. The synth loops could have been more. At first because there are just a few and second because the compositions are very good and make hunger for more. One musical idea is dressed into many different variations in form of sound and envelope. The single synth sounds are seperated into bass- and leadsounds, all tuned in a; the sound is hiting towards ”fat”. Last but not least, the vocals include ”cuts” (little vocal bits) and just a view but very good produced vocoderlines and talkbox-phrases.

Conclusions: Part two of the Electro Producer Pack is not a quick followup to the first one but a well-structured and enhanced sequel that works great together with the first part. It‘s a sure shot: those who say EPP1 habe to say EPP2, too.

translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall

Electro Producer Pack 2
Electro Producer Pack 2
99.00 €
1.9 GB, 3322 Loops & Samples