Finest R&B

amazona, 12-2009

Finest R&B keeps 16 Construction Kits seperated into two Elastik files that take 2.6 GB on your hard drive.
The tempo of the kits moves between 61 and 84 bpm, while Elastik still allows you to change it. One kit consists of 6 subfolders that are rich instrumented. There is one main folder and one folder for variations. Sometimes there is also a second folder included. To complete it all there is an Intro and an Outor folder and for those of you who like to produce their own drumloops there is also a single drum folder included.
All in all a lot of possibilities to create your own tracks. (...)


The samples from Ueberschall are authentic, that is a well known secret and Finest R&B is no exclusion. This library is from good quality through and through. Who is in need for construction kits in an urban style won‘t come pass this collection. (...)

translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall

Finest RnB
Finest RnB
99.00 €
69.30 €
2.7 GB, 16 Kits, 840 Loops & Samples