Pop Ballads

Beat, 06-2010

You can have different opinions about popmusic and love but ballades are for sure the most creative way to show your love for someone. The right musical help comes in form of a DVD with different construction kits and the well-known Elastik interface.

Stylistically this work is concentrating on popmusic and soft-rock. It keeps 14 construction kits with  tempo from 60 to 100 BPM and uses instruments such as drums, guitars, bass, strings, piano, percussion, rhodes and synthesizers.

Because of the first class sound and the comprehensive ways to edit the material this library is a definite recommendation!

translaterd by wenzel mehnert / ueberschall

Pop Ballads
Pop Ballads
99.00 €
3.8 GB, 14 Kits, 932 Loops & Samples