Hip Hop Underground

The world's finest Hip Hop Loop Library

Look forward to enjoy a massive Library jam packed with Drums & Percussions, Basses, Chords, Vocals, FX & tons of single drumsounds.
GENRE: Hip Hop, Urban

2.6 GB, 140+ Construction Kits, 3830 Loops & Samples
Full Download:
99.00 €

Hip Hop Underground

Straight from the echo of the symphony in the streets, Ueberschall presents: HipHop_Underground. 140 over-the-top, foxy and unbreakable loops in
Construction-Kit format. Your path to the latest in detailed urban seasoning.

Gotcha Covered

A diabolic ensemble of HipHop, Soul, RnB, Funk, Club and more. Best of old and nu skools, all juiced and ready to blow. Diverse assortment of instruments and tools used. Inspired by the top talent in the field and crafted by a well-versed crew. Lay down drumbeds, bass, vox, keys, syns, guts, stabs, and fx furiously fast. Toggle keys, tempos and loop parts with no fear. You can trust in our Award winning c-kit content delivery track record. These sounds are highly developed, even when disassembled, so they'll work wonders with other styles too. Get as freaky as you need to and mix it up with this skillful instrument.

Don't get busted with weak content, go for platinum.

Elastik Engine

2.6GB of All New Content
140+ Construction-Kit Loops ( 5-Track format )
  • Drums & Percussions
  • Basses
  • Chords
  • Vocals
  • FX
  • Tons of single drumsounds.

Hip Hop Underground is based on the brand new "Elastik Engine" Technologies and has everything needed for professional use.

Genre: HipHop, Urban

Elastik Soundbank for Mac & Win - AU/VST/AAX/Standalone

2.6 GB, 140 Construction Kits,
3830 Hip Hop Loops and Samples

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