Noise Floor

Soulful LoFi Cuts

Noise Floor delivers a huge collection of soulful and jazzy LoFi tunes. Across 10 huge construction kits, and with over 3GB of sample material, Noise Floor provides cool LoFi vibes with a warm, analog, sound that cross over genres such as Jazzy Downtempo, Lounge and Hip Hop.

Hip Hop, Downbeat
3 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 742 Loops & Phrases
49.00 €
24.50 €
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Loop Library for the free Ueberschall Elastik Player
VST2/3, AU, AAX and Standalone for macOS and Windows

Built On Solid Bass And Drum Groove Foundations

Containing nearly 750 loops and samples in total, each of the construction kits offers three distinct music parts, plus intro and outro sections. Each kit also includes individual drum and percussion samples. This super-flexible format makes it easy to construct full song-length arrangements and ensures you have all the musical variety you might need. Tempos span 72 to 90BPM to maintain the mellow downtempo groove. And, of course, Elastik's brilliant tempo manipulation and ReTune features make it possible to fine-tune individual loops to match your overall project.

Flexible Construction Kit Format With The Power Of Elastik

Within each construction kit, instruments include a selection of electric and acoustic pianos, synths, pads, leads, saxophones, strings and various sound effects including vinyl noises and crackles so you can dial in just the right amount of analog and LoFi noise to your noise floor. The library also includes sampled sounds to mimic old-school vinyl samples/edits that are so characteristic of the LoFi sound. All the grooves also include a super-solid bass and drum foundation, with full-range bass synth sounds that will get your speakers moving. Alongside the pre-mixed drum loops, each construction kit also includes individual drum loops including kick, snare, hi-hat, cymbals or other percussive elements so you can create the perfect drum mix.

Soulful Downtempo Moods

Noise Floor is a perfect companion to our popular LoFi Beats and Jazz Trip libraries and an ideal choice for music producers or media composers. Always cool and atmospheric, sometimes quirky, sometimes wonky, Noise Floor is all you need to inspire your next gritty, soulful, LoFi downtempo tune.


Produced by J.Holo

Genre: LoFi

Elastik Soundbank for Mac & Win - AU/VST/AAX/StandAlone

3 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 742 LoFi Loops & Phrases

Mixes: 49
Backings: 50
Vinyl Cuts: 24
Drum Loops: 48
Acoustic Bassdrum: 6
Electronic Bassdrum: 52
Snare Acoustic: 5
Snare Electronic: 24
Snare FX: 10
Rimshots: 25
Claps: 28
Snaps: 5
HiHats: 49
Open HiHats: 15
Rides: 5
Cymbals: 10
Electronic Percussion: 4
Percussion: 9
Shaker: 47
Claves: 4
Tamborin: 11
Triangel: 5
Electric Bass: 19
Synth Bass: 31
Electric Guitar: 4
Acoustic Piano: 23
Electric Piano: 52
Synthesizer: 49
Lead Synth: 18
Pads: 10
Strings: 5
Saxophone: 4
Trumpet: 4
Vinyl Noise and Crackles: 33
Reversed: 5
While Elastik is a hugely creative tool, it also provides an extremely efficient workflow. The streamlined browser means that no matter how large your Elastik loop library becomes, you can always find just the right loop in an efficient fashion. Elastik also includes advanced features such as tagging and filtering, making it easy to narrow down any search. The browser allows you to easily audition loops in BPM, key and scale sync with your project. And if you want to add new loop libraries from the Ueberschall range, the authorization process is fast and secure.


For atmospheric Soul / Jazz or Downtempo clubs and lounges (...) Noise Floor is just right.


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