Bossa Nova Primeiro

The Authentic Sound Of Brasil

Bossa Nova Primeiro delivers that classic Bossa Nova blend balancing elements of samba rhythms with jazz harmonies. With its syncopated rhythms and unconventional chord progressions, Bossa Nova Primeiro captures the sensual nature of the musical style and is always sophisticated and exotic. Also perfect for Latin Brasil, Jazz, and Lounge.

Brazil, Easy Listening
5.2 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 783 Loops & Phrases
99.00 €
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Loop Library for the free Ueberschall Elastik Player
VST2/3, AU, AAX and Standalone for macOS and Windows

Smooth And Sensual

Featuring over 5 GB of sample data and nearly 800 individual loops, the ten construction kits contain between two and six musical sections. Individual loops are up to 1 minute in length. Original recording tempos spanning 88 to 162 BPM, although some have a half-time feel to maintain a smooth, laid-back, mood. The content of each of the constructions kits makes it simple to generate full-length musical arrangements with plenty of variety.

Beautifully Recorded Instrumentation

The instrumentation features upright bass (with separate loops for microphone and piezo versions), concert guitar (with nylon string) and piano (with separate loops for both acoustic and electric versions). Solo saxophone provides the main melodic content in many of the parts with some also including flute. As suits the style, the concert guitar parts provide both foundation of the chordal structure and a focus for the rhythm. The acoustic drum performances provide authentic Bossa Nova rhythms with plenty of rimshots. Pre-mixed drum loops are provided, as well as single track loops for kick (in and out), snare (top and bottom), hihat, toms, overheads, two different room mics and congas.

Chord Sheet PDF Included

The musical key is provided for each construction kit but, given the sophisticated jazz-influenced harmonies, some key modulation occurs. Full chord sequences are therefore provided within the included PDF.

Classic Bossa Nova Blend

Bossa Nova Primeiro captures the smooth, sensual and sophisticated nature of Brasil's most famous musical export. The title is a perfect addition to our existing Brasil Nova Primeiro and Segundo titles. For songwriters, producers, or media composers looking to capture that perfect Bossa Nova influence for their next Latin Brasil, Lounge, Jazz or Chillout project, Bossa Nova Primeiro is the perfect choice.


Production: Yorio da Costa (known from the Brasil Nova Series) and Miro Campos; Guitar & Vocals: Miro Campos; Upright Bass: Jürgen Attig; Piano & Transcription: Eike Wulfmeier; Saxophone & Flute: Nils Brederlow; Drums: Matthias Meusel; Percussion: Nene Vasquez

Genre: Bossa Nova

Elastik Soundbank for Mac & Win - AU/VST/AAX/StandAlone

5.2 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 783 Bossa Nova Loops & Phrases

Mixes: 43
Backings: 43
Drum Loops: 43
Bassdrum In: 43
Bassdrum Out: 43
Snare Top: 42
Snare Bottom: 42
HiHats: 43
Toms: 31
Overheads: 43
Room Close: 43
Room Far: 43
Congas: 11
Upright Bass Mic: 43
Upright Bass Piezo: 43
Concert Guitar: 43
Acoustic Piano: 43
Electric Piano: 43
Saxophone: 40
Flute: 10
Vocals: 1
Vinyl Crackles: 4
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