Percussive samba grooves with an African influence

The hypnotic percussive rhythms of the Brazilian carnival are built on Batucada, a samba-based style with an African influence and played up-tempo and ensemble. This library captures the excitement and passion of the style with both ensemble and solo performances. Build your own carnival atmosphere in an instant.

Brazil, Instruments
1.58 GB, 600 Loops & Samples
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Loop Library for the free Ueberschall Elastik Player
VST2/3, AU, AAX and Standalone for macOS and Windows

Authentic Batucada Grooves

Played by an experienced Bateria ensemble, a full suite of percussion instruments typical of the style were used including repinique, caixa, agogo, timba, rocar, ganza, apito and the mighty surdo, to achieve a full and authentic sound. The Batucada library covers the basic rhythms like samba, afoxe, coco and samba-raggae. With 600 loops in 1.58 GB of samples, the material is organised into three categories for maximum flexibility:

1- Full ensemble grooves with pre-mixed loops can give you an instant fix.

2- Breaks, with sparser playing, allow you to lower the energy and add variety.

3- A selection of construction kits, with each instrument presented as a separate track, allows you to build your own mix. Each kit comes with intros, breaks and main parts.

Pre-mixed And Individual Instrument Tracks

Tempos are dominated by the 120 to 135 BPM range but, with some slower tempos loops included, and Elastik's excellent tempo-manipulation algorithms, these grooves can be made to work in any context, whether that is full-on street carnival or to give a hot rhythmic feel to your latest urban, dance or house track. For music producers or media composers, Batucada delivers a genuine flavour of samba street rhythms.

Instruments included:
- Repinique (tom-like drum)
- Caixa (snare)
- Tamborim (frame drum)
- Timba (conga)
- Surdo (low, mid, high) (bassdrum-like drum)
- Agogo (bell)
- Triangle
- Rocar (tambourine)
- Ganza (shaker)
- Apito (whistle)

Genre: Brazil / Percussion

Elastik Soundbank for Mac & Win - AU/VST/AAX/StandAlone

1.58 GB, 600 Batucada Loops and Phrases

Percussion Mix: 245
Shaker: 28
Tamborim: 38
Tamborin: 21
Surdo High: 53
Surdo Low: 39
Surdo Mid: 35
Caixa: 44
Repinique: 36
Timba: 14
Agogo: 25
Triangel: 4
Whistle: 18
Thanks to its clear structure the Elastik player is the ideal tool for fast and modern music production using loops. Each loop contains information on tempo and key, so you can quickly find the right sample for your production. The „élastique pro“-algorithm by zplane offers time stretching and pitch shifting in high quality, while the ReTune algorithm lets you change the key and scale of any tonal loop. Endless possibilities to adjust sounds to your own projects.


Good sounding loops and very easy to handle – Arrangements can be built in minutes.


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