Uplifting Trance

Instant Dance Anthems

Uplifting Trance delivers a collection of positive, dance party ready instrumental tunes that are just perfect for an Ibiza club vibe. Great to get the night started and even better to greet the sunrise. With classic and cutting-edge synth lines, chord progressions and ear candy sound FX, just add vocals and Uplifting Trance will give you that anthemic high.

Trance, Techno
1.5 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 740 Loops & Samples
49.00 €
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Loop Library for the free Ueberschall Elastik Player
VST2/3, AU, AAX and Standalone for macOS and Windows

Positive And Uplifting Trance Tunes

The library provides over 1.5 GB of samples and features 10 construction kits with 540 loops. Each kit is supplied with up to six song sections and, with separate loops for individual drum and percussion elements as well as pre-mixed drum loops, it is easy to build up and then break down.

Perfect Ibiza Club Vibe

Each construction kit is grouped into several parts each up to 16 bars long:

- Main Part: Includes the main theme, with all of its sounds and phrases.

- Variation Part: Provides alternative tracks and phrases which are used to add contrast and as an extension to the main theme. Some Kits provide more than one variation for further flexibility.

- Uplifting Part: Almost every construction kit also includes Uplifting Kits. This part is perfect to create rises and interceptions.

Anthemic Dance Party

Uplifting Trance is a brilliant library for club tracks. It contains extensive loop-material as well as inspirational groove-ideas. Besides the self-evident use in music productions, this library also is a great choice for trailers, jingles, dance-games and for dubbing.


Produced by Marc Steinmeier.

Genre: Trance

Elastik Soundbank for Mac & Win - AU/VST/AAX/StandAlone

1.5 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 740 Trance Loops and Samples

Mixes: 37
Backings: 37
Drum Loops: 35
Electronic Bassdrum: 30
Electronic Snare: 29
Claps: 6
HiHats: 2
Closed HiHat: 16
Open HiHat: 15
Ride: 10
Crash: 7
Electronic Percussion: 9
Shaker: 1
Synth Bass: 37
Acoustic Guitar: 1
Acoustic Piano: 5
Synthesizer: 141
Arpeggio: 2
Pads: 56
Electronic FX: 80
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