Northern Techno

Powerful And Relentless

Northern Techno brings the sounds of cutting-edge Swedish electronic music to your own remixing suite. Influenced by the artists and releases from the DrumCode label, this collection delivers a compact, construction kit based, Elastik sample library with all the content needed to inspire your next underground dancefloor hit. Northern Techno is packed with powerful, dark, driving material, designed for creating tunes that are powerful and relentless.

Techno, Tech House
1.38 GB, 7 Construction Kits, 296 Loops & Samples
49.00 €
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Loop Library for the free Ueberschall Elastik Player
VST2/3, AU, AAX and Standalone for macOS and Windows

Perfect Toolkit For Cutting-Edge Club Tunes

With 7 construction kits and nearly 300 loops, Northern Techno provides 1.3 GB of sample content. Each of the construction kits features both a buildup and main part, while the loops within each part are 8 or more bars in length. This makes it easy to craft a full musical arrangement with plenty of variety. Instruments include synthbass, synths, vocals, impacts, lifters, ambiences and sound FX. Premixed drumloops are also included but singleshot sounds for bass drum, sub-bass drum, snare, claps, closed and open hi-hats, rides, toms and drum FX are also included. These allow you to build your own drum performances to perfectly suit your builds and drops. Original tempos span 124-130bpm but Elastik's powerful tempo and pitch manipulation tools provide plenty of control over tempo or key if required.

Bass And Sub That Deliver A Powerful Kick

As suits the musical style, the sounds are big, bold and pack plenty of punch. And, of course, they are delivered at the high quality that all Elastik libraries are known for. Whether you want to create an intense dancefloor experience, or bring those underground elements into a mainstream EDM context, Northern Techno has all the elements required to help you build your next killer track.


Produced by J.Holo

Genre: Techno

Elastik Soundbank for Mac & Win - AU/VST/AAX/StandAlone

1.38 GB, 7 Construction Kits, 296 Techno Loops & Samples

Mixes: 14
Backings: 14
Drum Loops: 14
Electronic Bassdrum: 21
Sub Bassdrum: 15
Electronic Snare: 5
Claps: 16
HiHats: 28
Open HiHats: 8
Toms: 3
Ride: 15
Drum SFX: 1
Electronic Percussion: 9
Percussion: 24
Shaker: 11
Tamborin: 3
Cowbell: 6
Synth Bass: 18
Synthesizer: 23
Vocals: 11
Electronic FX: 24
Lifter: 5
Impacts: 2
Ambience: 6
Elastik is the ideal companion for all Ueberschall loop libraries. The player offers high quality time-stretching, pitch-shifting and scale syncing as well as creative functions for sound design like resample, formant, reverse and a multimode filter. Elastik’s attribute-based browser locates specific sounds across all installed Elastik libraries within seconds, opening up endless combinations and possibilities.


Techno ID
Techno ID
49.00 €
1.4 GB, 10 Kits, 323 Techno Loops
49.00 €
1.26 GB, 10 Kits, 486 Loops & Samples
Electro ID
Electro ID
99.00 €
1 GB, 100 Kits, 1571 Loops & Samples
Tech House Producer Pack
Tech House Producer Pack
49.00 €
1 GB, 30 Kits, 777 Loops & Samples