Ilya Kaplan


Ilya Kaplan was born on July 3, 1981 in Russia and moved to Toronto Canada in 1990. Both of Ilya's parents are musicians, his father a keyboardist and singer and mother a piano teacher. Music was an obvious natural path and at age 16 Ilya got hired as a lead vocalist in a popular local band. In addition to singing he developed an interest in music production, recording and producing, which in turn led to creating and tweaking sounds. At 21 he got hired to Co-score a tv series for the Canadian CBC and music for film entered his life. Before long he realized this was what he wanted to do.

With a few demanding projects behind his belt he realized that his sonic palette was missing certain sounds and frequencies. He spent a long time developing techniques and tricks in order to manipulate sounds, and in some cases make "something out of nothing". Sound design was now his new love and he dove right in to the heart of it creating Score FX 1 in the process. His studio is filled with interesting and unique instruments from all over the world that he samples and manipulates in order to create often unusual but organic textures and sounds.

Some of his clients include:

CBS, CBC, CTV, Nelvana, CCI Entertainment, Ambient Entertainment, 512 Films, Oasis, Breakthrough Films, Regent Entertainment, Barna-Alper Productions and many more.