Electric Disco

Beat, Dezember 2021

Ueberschall delivers around 3 GB with the ten construction kits that the Noise Floor sound archive provides. The groove material includes 742 LoFi loops and phrases that can be loaded into the manufacturer‘s own free Elastik Player. Pianos, synthesizers, pads, leads, saxophones, strings and groovy beats can be used to quickly create basic arrangements for your own Downtempo and Soul songs. Some song templates are reminiscent of smoky jazz clubs and yes - the jazz influence is relatively high here. For each kit there are different song parts including Intro and Outro, as well as isolated drum and effect oneshots, which can be flexibly combined and stretched.


For atmospheric Soul / Jazz or Downtempo clubs and lounges (...) Noise Floor is just right. Not only are the pleasant electric pianos and present strings a pleasure to listen to, but all elements are coherent in themselves.

Rating: 5.5 / 6

by Philipp Sterczewski
Noise Floor
Noise Floor
49.00 €
3 GB, 10 Kits, 742 Loops & Phrases