Score FX II, 12-2009





While looking through the library you‘ll find a lot of inventive and heartful material.


Score FX 2 aims towards filmmusic composers and offers good construction kits and sounds that versatilely cover this style.

You can easily suite tempo and scale to your project - and this is a real and strong advance of this library. Very quickly you can create a homogenous background that has a significant musical expression. The reason is that most of the samples were recorded with a feeling for a certain mood. A lot of sounds do have their own intimate personality.


Given the huge volume of this library the price of 149 Euro ist appropriate.


Andreas Ecker


Translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall


Score FX II
Score FX II
149.00 €
7 GB, 30 Kits, 2644 Loops & Samples