Score FX II

Music Tech Mag, 04-2010



Composition in the world of media, television and film is often all about speed, so it pays to have a large collection of go-to sounds that you can rely on to pad out your scores. Whereas Score FX 1 concentrated on darker timbres and underscores, Ueberschall’s sequel, Score FX 2, now complements the original with a collection of lighter and more thoughtful atmospheres, instruments and FX.




The majority of the library comes as 30 construction kits, which range from ethnic-tinged, documentary-style backings to more reflective and deep drama underscores. Although lighter in mood than Score FX 1, the music never strays into cheese territory due to some truly exceptional sound design from Canadian composers Ilya Kaplan and Stan Fomin. Each instrument, rhythm, atmosphere and effect has been exquisitely processed and manipulated, with the result that sounds that could be considered obvious are brought right up-to- date. Also included are a collection of accents, beds, groove patterns and instruments that serve to increase the already hefty sonic palette.



this is a large, usable and well-written package that can instantly add an expensive- sounding finish to your score. If writing music for film and TV is what you do or want to do, this is well worth a look.