80s Punk & New Wave
Music & PC, March 2008

For some reason there are not many Punk-Samplers out there. Maybe the industry thinks that the creativity of the musicians who made music with three chords stopped as their last guitar-string was torn so they don't watch out for sampling discs nowadays. Or the request for Punk music isn't that commercial today - if it was at all.
Whatsoever: Punk is rare and so I'm happy to write about this product - also because I played in a Punk-Band during the 80s myself (greetings to Sid, Cozy, Atze, Granini and Boris from the "Viehdieben").

Musically this sample library goes into the direction of The Clash, Sex Pistols, Ramones or The Hives - so more Punk as New Wave. (...) Also because synthesized sounds are missing totally. Here are only real played guitars, bass and drums sounds.


The technique and style behind this library is best choice and very close to the idols.


Thats what Jonny Rotten does in his hobby-room.

Translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall