Minimal Techno
DJ Mag, June 2008

Minimal is still a big buzzword, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that Ueberschall have jumped on a rickety old bandwagon. But where other software companies have thrown together a meagre set of low-quality lo-fi glitchiness and pump it out with the m-word in the title, this is something very special.
The Elastik interface opens a window containing a set of concise controls and the distinctive ‘LoopEye’ viewer – a circular clock-face style visual display of each wave-form. Various buttons and sliders can be used to control high-speed time-stretching, pitch-shifting, filter and mapping tools. After auditioning and tweaking a sample, you can then choose to bounce down the original or your customised version as a wav file into your arrangement. Although most of us already have all these functions available to us as part of various other VST’s such as Halion, the audio engine that comes dedicated to Elastik gives some added flexibility which makes the process quicker and less memory-intensive.
Produced by Asem Shama they are all solid and of the high-quality you’d expect from Ueberschall. The great kick drum sounds could be worth the spend on their own, and will easily find their way into anything from electro to hip-hop. With genres bending and styles blending across the spectrum of electronic music, this flexibility could be what every producer needs.

Sound Quality: 19/20
Build Quality: 20/20
Ease of Use: 17/20
Value for Money: 17/20
Feature set: 19/20
iDJ Rating: 92%
A virtual instrument with plenty of loop-manipulating tools and a versatile collection of sounds, make this much more than just a collection of samples.

Minimal Techno
Minimal Techno
99.00 €
1.6 GB, 75 Kits, 1200 Loops & Samples