Minimal Techno
Future Music, July 2008

Ueberschall brings you 75 construction kits, 1200 loops and samples including drums, basses, leads, pads and one shots. However what makes this stand out is the famous Elastik Loop player.

This can run as a stand-alone or you can use it as VST instrument. Either way you are able to load up different batches or kits from the soundbank and have a great deal of fun. Particularly interesting is the Loopeye, a feature where the waveform of the loop is pictured in a circle like a clock face and makes tweaking the start and end points a lot easier to my mind.

You also get to play with time-stretching, pitch-shifting and filtering. Once you’ve got your head round the workings of the player this is a great tool.

Rating 9/10

Minimal Techno
Minimal Techno
99.00 €
1.6 GB, 75 Kits, 1200 Loops & Samples