Groove Shadow Elastik
Musician‘s Life, Juni 2007

Here comes some more food, 3.4 GB separeted into two files. 16 categories with 27 construction kits and 25 loops (all in all 1600) each. A lot of possibilities. In this case we are talking about percussion loops, not construction kits.
The quality is good through the whole library. The first key always keeps the whole loop. The following keys keep single percussion lines and single elements of the whole loop. (...)
The sound is a mixture of chaos-, industrial, and noise-elements. It takes its time to find the suiting samples. Therefore Groove Shadow Elastik is good to score movies or videogames.
Sometimes the perfect dynamic is missing to let a groove stay on its own but that‘s not the idea that Groove Shadow is made for. It is made to support the main beat and this is working very well.
Those who are looking for new sounds should test this library at the audio dealer they trust.

Groove Shadow Elastik
Groove Shadow Elastik
99.00 €
3.5 GB, 400 Kits, 4.000 Loops & Samples