60s a GoGo
Sound On Sound, July 2007

60s A GoGo is likely to be aiming at something of a niche market and, at just under £70, this library does not perhaps scream 'bargain!'. Elastik itself is functional, but some users might feel that learning yet another front-end just to use a loop library is in danger of becoming a chore. It would be really nice to see library producers develop an alternative copy-protection system (dongle-based perhaps?) that allowed users to access loops via their own choice of loop manipulation tool, although at least you do have the option of exporting individual loops from Elastik, should you wish. All that said, if you need some genuinely cheesy '60s flower-power pop, 60s A GoGo pushes all the right buttons, and it is worth auditioning if only for the nostalgia trip it can most certainly induce.

John Walden

60s a GoGo
60s a GoGo
99.00 €
1.5 GB, 14 Kits, 1489 Loops & Samples