Modular Structures

Beat Magazine, January 2022

IDM producer and sound designer Yvat has created the experimental sample collection Modular Structures for Ueberschall as part of the Inspire Series. At 1.5 GB in size, there are more than 300 loops and phrases of up to eight bars to discover, sonically spanning the experimental, glitch and ambient genres. Recorded at 90 BPM, the sounds are fed by synthesizers, drum loops, pads, and stutter and glitch effects, each with its own texture. Whisked-through atmos, wobble basses, and chrunchy sick 8-bit-style drums are represented here as well as nasty, aggresive pads and screeching, heavily resonating leads and basses. Broken, dissonant rhythms and eerie atmos have also been carved out of the modular synthesizers.


Modular Structures serves a niche that may not appeal to everyone, but sound designers and fricklers will find plenty of experimental material here. A must for glitch fans!

Rating 5/6

by Phillipp Sterczewski