Ueberschall - Elastik 3

Review in: Keys, Mai 2018.

Ueberschall offers high quality samples for audio and multimedia productions for more than 30 years. The Elastik sample player simplifies organizing and editing of samples and loops. Version 3 was just released.


Elastik 3 is an easy to use sample player which always focuses on the most important thing: creativity. All important parameters can be altered fast and directly. The new polyphonic scale shifting with ReTune elevates working with loops to a new level. But more important is the content: All reviewed soundbanks offer authentic, high quality sound material and, thanks to the Elastik engine, are easy to work with.


+ intuitive and efficient sample engine
+ new ReTune functionality in Elastik 3
+ well-edited loops
+ good sound
+ loops from different libraries can be combined

Written by Rob Schroeder, translated by Julian Liedtke