Rare Grooves Vol. 1

releasetime.de, June 2017

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Rare Grooves transfers the sound of the early 70s into the next millennial. The songs cover everything from Soul to Rock and early Funk.

Anyone who still thinks loop libraries are only for boring producers without their own inspiration is definitely wrong. If anything, Rare Grooves is a creativity package that is open for song and sound experiments of any kind.

The library is named "Rare" with good reason. Therefore, we will for the first time here on releasetime give our Top Product Award to a construction kit loop library. 


Top Product Award


  • excellent and stylistically confident playing

  • thrilling and inspiring song templates

  • tasteful mixing, authentic sound of the 70s

  • versatile uses: all song parts are available as single instrument loops

  • perfectly edited loops 

  • wide range of editing possibilities with the Elastik 2 player

  • low system requirements



written by Holger Obst
translated by Julian Liedtke