Groove Shadow Elastik
Keys, April 2008

Some years ago Ueberschall produced a CD-ROM with Add-On and percussion loops under the name „Groove Shadows“. Nevertheless the new Groove-Shadow-Library comes for the Elastik-Player, the plugin is also on the DVD. If you‘ve already installed it once it is enough to copy the 3.5 GB library to your hard drive and register it in the player.

The library is well structured. On the one hand categorized in tempo, which can be easily changed with the help of Elastik. On the other hand separated into „lite“, „medium“ and „hard“.
Each loop is seperated into low frequency, two mid freuency and one high frequency loop. In this way you can support different parts of a drum loop directly. Either kick, snare or hihat and cymbals.
The single loops are way easier to integrate into your existing material as the complete main-loop.
Groove Shadows consists mainly out of synthetic and modified sounds.

A lot of the material is reminding on „Clicks&Cut“ or Industrial music. But this is not the group of Groove Shadow users at all. The loops can also be used to enrich black-music, dance- or pop-songs. The soundscape, formed with filter, distortion, multi-FX and granulizing is very homogeneous. If you like this sound you‘ll find a huge amount of useable samples on Groove Shadow Elastik - if not you won‘t.

Groove Shadow Elastik
Groove Shadow Elastik
99.00 €
49.50 €
3.5 GB, 400 Kits, 4.000 Loops & Samples