Electro ID
PC & Musik, 02-2007

Basics: „German Unerground“ promises the cover - and does not talk about the tube from Düsseldorf which is unbeatable in boredom and melancholy. But that‘s not what this is about. Here we have a wild and varied electronic-sound. „Feel the impact“ is the subtitle and it‘s really going to be rough.

Sounds: (...)
Names like „Knarre“, „Counterstrike“, „Bullshit“, „Rappelzappel“ or „Schranzkraft“ tell you that they don‘t take any musical prisoners and don‘t carea about any tonal rules. This doesn‘t mean that everything is loud and noisy, next to sounds like Anthony Rother we find a little „Earth Nation“ and Trance. Very useful and very suitable to other styles, too. I mixed it for example with sounds from Dancehall and received some interesting results.

Conclusion: I already talked about the pros of the Elastik-Interface. This time it invites for hours of playing and experimenting with the sounds. The title „German Underground“ may scare away some of those who are more mainstream orientated but I still want to advise this library warmly to everybody - it has a huge bandwidth of use and is excellent produced.

Translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall

Electro ID
Electro ID
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1 GB, 100 Kits, 1571 Loops & Samples