Electro ID
EQ Magazine, July 2007

Over the past few years, sample libraries have become inscreasingly wedded to
virtual plug-in/stand-alone snstruments. No longer do library developers have to be
concerned about being compatible with a particular sampler format; all they need is
something tat wrks with most, or all, major plug-in formats (VSTi, AU, RTAS, DXi).
Ueberschall's Electro ID, for their Elastik virtual instrument platform, contains 100
constructionkits of German underground electro music, verging on techno and
hardcore. The typical kit includes drum loops, bass, synth, various effects, and
they're smokin': This is the real deal. But you can't really consider the sounds with
the instrument, so let's do go there. (By the way, Ueberschall has multiple products
that use the Elastik engine - not just Electro ID.)
I found Elastick confusing at first, and that kept me from getting deeper into it. My
mistake; once I realized this was an instrument more than a loop library, everything
fell into place and I started having a major blast. If you want an instant electro
construction kit where you can do a whole lot more than with simple static loops,
consider making the stretch to get Elastik.

Electro ID
Electro ID
99.00 €
1 GB, 100 Kits, 1571 Loops & Samples