Score FX

Electronic Musician, February 2010


"Virtually every sound in Score FX promises to give your tracks a distinctive edge."


Ueberschall''s Score FX furnishes a distinctive compilation of sounds intended for enhancing soundtracks, but useful for any music that calls for unusual sounds.

Score FX's nearly 7 GB of content is divided into five categories: Accents, Beds, Construction Kits, Rhythm and Vocal Bits. Some sounds are obviously orchestral, some are purely electronic and many others effectively defy identification. Hundreds of phrases and loops are further classified by words suggesting moods they might convey.

With names such as Creepy, Disturbed, Howl, Notice Me, Panic, Piercing and Startle, Accents are probably the most unusual of the bunch. Close behind are Beds, which offer some of the same descriptors. Nineteen construction kits at tempos ranging from 83 bpm to 152 bpm are mostly groups of sound effects that fit together nicely and have names such as After the Battle, Last Day Alive and Where Are You Taking Me. The Rhythm loops are anything but traditional drum kits: Many are synthesized, and quite a few are processed ethnic percussion. Vocal Bits furnish a variety of multicultural melismata processed with effects. Virtually every sound in Score FX promises to give your tracks a distinctive edge. If you want more, Score FX 2 should be available by the time you read this.

By Geary Yelton and Len Sasso

Score FX
Score FX
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7 GB, 28 Kits, 1995 Loops & Phrases