House Musique

Future Music, October 2003

Disco and French house is what this collection is all about, and once

again we’re talking mainly construction kits, but there are plenty of

single hits and loops included as well.


There are 12 construction kits in all that first feature the whole mix

before breaking down into each part. So for a typical kit you’ll get the

drum parts played out as loops, plus individual hits for those who want

to reconstruct them themselves, the instrumental backing separately as a

whole, before breaking that down into constituent parts, as well as any

bass, keys, wah guitar and the like. Finishing off the collection are a

wealth of extra loops, including over 60 drum loops, around 90 bass,

guitar, flute, clav, organ and e-piano licks and over 220 single drum

and percussion hits.


It’s a pain that the tempo isn’t consistent throughout, choosing to

meander between 125 to 130bpm, so the kits won’t instantly mix and match

(no problem for those using Live, ACID and so on), but as a collection

you can’t really ask for more in that funky, chunky disco style.


9 out of 10

House Musique
House Musique
49.00 €
622 MB, 12 Kits, 670 Samples