Bollywood Pop
Beat, 10-2011


While some will find the mixture of western-european Beats and traditonal indian popmusic thrilling, others think of it as a pain in the ear. No doubt, the vocals parts (sung and rapped) in addition to the emotional and impressiv played oriental instruments and percussions deliver a fresh new taste in everydays pop music.

Just as Ueberschalls Bollywood Pop:

The 3.4 GB libraray offers 20 produced songs in high quality - musically as well as technically. As always you can use the single lines, too. Last but not least the powerful Elastik 2 player puts the library in a creative and easy to use context. 

This is a shure shot for all fans of this style.



- Vera Schuhmacher /translated by wenzel mehnert ( Ueberschall )


Bollywood Pop
Bollywood Pop
99.00 €
3.48 GB, 20 Kits, 1462 Loops & Samples