Score FX

Sound & Recording, 01/09



In case of ScoreFX the presets are a very good base to start with. On the one hand the single samples are categorized in significant categories that allow you to create sets according to your curent needs. On the other hand the presets allow you to improvise to a movie that has already been loaded into your sequencer. If you are in a hurry and need to produce quick this is an extremly fast way to create layouts and demos. Just look for the moods and get going. That‘s the way it should always be!


There is plenty of material to explore. The categories accents, vocal bits, beds, rhythm and construction kits are filled with the according sample collections that can flexibly be combined with each other. It‘s just as performing a soundtrack live with the help of multisamples. Above the almost exclusively electronical soundscapes you spread a few noisy and mysterious glittersounds or strange vocal-performances. In this way you rather create moods than melodies, leads or bass phrases. The rhythms can give a soft, impulsiv or aggressive groove, a little bit synthetic, sometimes typical percussions. In this way you‘ll reach your goal pretty fast...



The sound of the material is top-notch. Everything is programmed inventively and pumping and always reaches a very homogenic result. (...) 



A very handy, excellent categorized and flexible collection of drones, atmos and rhythms that suite perfect to atmospheric-electronic movie- and gamescores.



translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall